Visitor of the Week: Vita Stepanova


Meet Vita Stepanova of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Russia). Vita is a PhD student in Philipp Khaitovich’s group in the Skoltech Center for Data-Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnology. She sets foot on CSHL for the first time to attend the second iteration of the Metabolomics course. Read on for more on her work and feedback regarding the course.    

What are your research interests? What are you working on? 
My research interests focus on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and human brain developmental disorders. I've been studying ASD genetics and now I am switching my focus from genes to metabolites to investigate pathways affected in autism.

Was there something about the Metabolomics course that drew you apply? 
This course is comprehensive and it takes a systemic approach to cover the whole area so we, the trainees, return to our labs with an understanding of metabolomics and certain methodologies.
What is your key takeaway for the Course?
Metabolomics is a powerful tool to explore new compounds and biological strategies, as well as a fascinating area of research. 

How many CSHL courses have you attended?
This is my first time here at CSHL and I've already been thinking what other course I can participate in so I can come back. 

If someone curious in attending your course asked you for your feedback or advice on it, what would you tell him/her? 
I would tell him/her a detailed story of my experience, including application submission, my personal feelings about the course, and what I got out of the course.

What do you like most about your time at CSHL?
I appreciate how much our course instructors are engaged at our needs, at our comfort, and making sure we absorb as much of the course as possible. 

Vita received a stipend from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to cover a portion of her course tuition. On behalf of Vita, we want to thank HHMI for continuing to support and enable young scientists to attend a CSHL course to expand their skills, knowledge, and network. 

Thank you to Vita for being this week's featured visitor. To meet other featured scientists - and discover the wide range of science that takes part in a CSHL meeting or course – go here.