David Stewart

David is the Executive Director of the Meetings & Courses Division in CSHL with a background in genetics, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and biotechnology. Before joining CSHL in 1993, David developed affinity methods for purifying proteins and employed rational drug-design techniques to develop synthetic ligands that interact specifically with proteins of commercial interest. Currently, he manages around 30 scientific meetings and 30 postgraduate-level residential laboratory/lecture courses each year. Collectively, the programs attract to the Laboratory more than 9,000 international investigators who specialize in a wide range of biological and biomedical sciences. The Laboratory's program of meetings and courses represents a flexible amalgam of topics that include molecular and cell biology, neuroscience, genetics/genomics and bioinformatics. In recent years, his interest has focused on the dissemination and exchange of scientific ideas and techniques and on the increasing impact of electronic communications in these areas. David also oversees an international conference program in Asia that builds on the strengths of the Laboratory's existing educational program.

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Charla Lambert

Charla is the Manager for Outreach, Training, & Evaluation in CSHL Meetings & Courses. Her scientific training is in statistical and population genetics, first at the University of Washington in Seattle and then at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Her love of data and analysis hasn't diminished since transitioning into program management, and she thus tends to write about data-intensive topics. Most days, she can be found writing grants, teaching scientific communication, designing evaluation surveys, discussing best practices for increasing diversity and equity in science, and writing scripts to automate tedious Excel tasks.


Patricia Klieger

Patricia is the Programs Coordinator of the Meetings & Courses Program in CSHL. Prior to joining CSHL in 2016, Patricia developed and executed online marketing campaigns and trending reports for a global marketing company, supported the marketing efforts of a large non-profit organization, and honed her project management and marketing skills with a NYC marketing solutions firm. As the Programs Coordinator, Patricia implements programs that foster continued interaction with the Program's participants and alumni, and oversees the Program’s online social media presence including managing this blog. (By the way, are you connected with us yet? We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.)