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Since 1981, the CSHL Frontier & Techniques in Plant Science course (aka plant course) has been training the next generation of plant scientists. First led by Frederick Ausubel, John Bedbrook, Gerard Riedel, and Stephen Smith, the CSHL plant course alumni community is now 550+ strong (Honor Roll). This page is dedicated to connecting, reconnecting, and keeping everyone up-to-date on everybody's accomplishments. To directly interact with your fellow alums, make sure to join the course's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

News, Features & Highlights

  • Elizabeth Haswell ‘00 co-wrote an article on diversity and inclusion in STEM.

  • Current Biology ran a feature on Elizabeth Haswell ‘00.

  • Sunil Kumar Kenchanmane Raju ‘15 co-published an article in The Plant Journal that reveals the parallels between artificial selection in maize and natural selection for temperate adaptation in tripsacum.

  • Simon Klesen ‘17 co-published a Developmental Cell article on “Spatiotemporal Developmental Trajectories in the Arabidopsis Root Revealed Using High-Throughput Single-Cell RNA Sequencing”.

  • Sunil Kumar Kenchanmane Raju ‘15 co-wrote an article published in ASPB News’ January/February 2019 issue.

  • Class of 2018, as part of the course, reviewed and contributed feedback on a preprint (Scroll to Comment section)

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