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In 2013, Karmella Haynes, Julius LucksDavid Savage, and Jeffrey Tabor led the first Synthetic Biology course at CSHL. It has since become a staple in CSHL's summer course schedule and already boasts an Honor Roll of 100 scientists (and counting). This page is dedicated to connecting - and re-connecting - the Synthetic Biology alumni, keeping everybody up-to-date on everyone's recent accomplishments, as well as informing researchers interested in the course of life during and after it. To interact with fellow alums, make sure to join the course's Facebook and Twitter accounts and blog.

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Alumni Spotlight:
Alicia Calvo Villamanan '18

After taking a course at her home institution of Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires that encouraged students to merge their lab work with art – and where she met and was inspired by Aurélien Peilloux, Charlotte Salvatico, and Carnets de thèse’s  Tiphaine Riviere – Alicia began to incorporate drawing with her work. Art has since provided her an outlet to process “the stressful and frustrating moments at the lab”, keep a healthy separation between her lab and personal life, and express her love for what she does. 

She believes art is a form of expressing feelings and ideas and “thought it would be a perfect way to depict the good times and funny moments” she and the 2018 participants shared together. This is the first time she drew a collaborative piece that depicted “not only [her] impressions but also that of others,” and the final product is an “interpretation of everybody’s experiences and ideas.”

For more of Alicia’s artwork, visit the website she recently started.

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