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The Neuroscience of Addiction (formerly called Cellular Biology of Addiction) was first offered in 2001 by Randy Blakely, Bertha Madras, and Nora Volkow as a biennial course. In 2015, the course began to be offered annually - in CSHL on the years that end with an odd number, and in Europe on the other years - and over 230 scientists have participated in the lecture-based course. To interact with your fellow alums, make sure to join the alumni community on Facebook and Twitter.  

News, Features & Highlights

  • Ian Mendez ‘17 returned to campus for the CSHL Seminar Series. He gave a talk on “New Insights on Brain Mechanisms Driving Reward Seeking Behaviors.”

  • Watch Dionna Williams' feature by NIDA during its Office of Diversity and Health Disparities Diversity Supplement workshop.

  • Congrats to Dionna Williams '17 on the tenure-track assistant professor position at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine!

  • Congrats to Sadie Nennig '17 whose paper was published in Neuropsychopharmacology!

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