Visitor of the Week: Lee Shaashua


Meet Lee Shaashua of the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel). Lee is a member of Ruth Scherz-Shouval's lab and is on campus for the biennial Workshop on Pancreatic Cancer. The postdoc fellow is new to the field of pancreatic cancer and attended the workshop for a comprehensive overview of the clinical and biological aspects of pancreatic cancer, as well as to have one-on-one interactions with senior investigators. Continue reading for more on Lee and her experience at the workshop.

What are your researching interests? What are you working on?
I am interested in the role of the tumor microenvironment in promoting pancreatic cancer aggressiveness, looking at different stromal subpopulations.

What is your key takeaway from the Course?
The importance of collaborative work and supportive environment in promoting research.

How many CSHL courses and/or meetings have you attended?
In addition to the Workshop on Pancreatic Cancer, I also attended the Biology of Cancer: Microenvironment, Metastasis & Therapeutics meeting in 2015. I look forward to attending future meetings and courses at CSHL. 

Was there something specific about the Workshop on Pancreatic Cancer that drew you to attend? 
As I am new to the field, I felt that this course would broaden my knowledge of both clinical and academic aspects of pancreatic cancer.

If someone curious in attending this workshop asked you for feedback or advice on it, what would you tell him/her?
I think this course is the best opportunity for students to get to know the field of pancreatic cancer as well as the leading faculty members.

What do you like most about your time at CSHL?
I really enjoy the casual and friendly atmosphere in the course. The people are great!

Thank you to Lee for being this week's featured visitor. To meet other featured scientists - and discover the wide range of science that takes part in a CSHL meeting or course – go here.