Visitor of the Week: Katja Reinhard


Meet Katja Reinhard of Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders (NERF) in Belgium. A member of Karl Farrow's lab, the second-year postdoc recently attended our Vision: A Platform for Linking Circuits, Behavior & Perception course at the Banbury Center. Read on for what drew her to apply and what her biggest takeaways are from the biennial neuroscience course. 

What are your research interests? What are you working on?
Some of the most important behaviors are reflexive behaviors. I am investigating how neural circuits are organized to extract relevant visual information, and to route and parse this information in order to induce an appropriate reflexive behavioral response.

Was there something specific about the Advanced Bacterial Genetics course that drew you to apply?
I was intrigued by the possibility to discuss big questions and new techniques in visual neuroscience with faculty and other students.

What is your key takeaway from the Course?
The importance and difficulties of comparing results from different species as well as of linking data from different parts of the visual system.

If someone curious in attending your course asked you for feedback or advice on it, what would you tell him/her?
Go in with an open mind to different models and paradigms, and try to learn from data and ideas that are not directly related to your research.

What do you like most about your time at CSHL?
Discussing all aspects of a scientist’s life while swimming in the sea.

Thank you to Katja for being this week's featured visitor. To meet other featured scientists - and discover the wide range of science that takes part in a CSHL meeting or course – go here.